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Extraordinary Experience of Sikkim

Sikkim is a popular destination among the worldwide tourists who come here in large numbers each year. The small state has been home to some really beautiful scenes and natural wonderful locations which fall sort of words when tried to be expressed. Sikkim is a culturally rich place but Buddhism is a distinct religion here which has quite large followers and quite a few Monasteries are present inside Sikkim that exhibit perfect art and architecture. The peaceful surrounding of the Monasteries is the best place for peaceful leisure time. The attractions and sightseeing places inside Sikkim are known for their picturesque terrains along with their historic values and culture. Sikkim is the second smallest state of India and is divided into four districts known as the North, South, East and West Sikkim. The East Sikkim has its headquarters as Gangtok, the North Sikkim at Mangan, the West Sikkim at Geyzing and the South Sikkim at Namchi. It is unbelievable how this small hill state has so many geographical variations and altitude differences with short intervals. Its magic really spellbinds anyone who decides to visit it.

history of sikkim

History of Sikkim

The history of Sikkim in present-day North-East India began in 1642. It was a kingdom established when India and Nepal neither were princely states with a number of rulers at that time nor had they unified into unified into the country of Nepal. Sikkim had then, already formed into a country with a Chogyal or dharma king as the top ruler and continued to be an independent country ruled by the monarchs until 1975. Sikkim kingdom had a total of twelve kings who had ruled throughout the existence of Sikkim as an Independent country. Palden Thondup Namgyal was the last king of Independent Sikkim before it was blended with the Union of India after a decisive referendum.

Thing To Do in Sikkim

Trekking in Goecha La Trek
Trekking in Goecha La Trek

Be part of the adventurous and thrilling trekking at the Goecha la which is enclosed by majestic mountain ranges of the Himalaya from all sides.

River rafting on the Teesta
River rafting on the Teesta

The River provides currents which makes rafting a thrilling adventure experience for the rafters. It is sure to quench your thirst for some wild adventure.

Cable Car Ride in Gangtok
Cable Car Ride in Gangtok

Take the cable car ride in Sikkim which lets you have an overview of the wonderful Gangtok and the sorroundings as it slides down to Deorali.

Yak Ride near Tsomgo Lake
Yak Ride near Tsomgo Lake

An experience more than an adventure, Tsomgo Lake provides some beautiful scenes along with the unique Yak riding experience.

Rumtek Monastery
Visiting Rumtek Monastery

The largest and festive monastery of Sikkim which must be visited to have a brief idea about Buddhism and the cultures that drives them.

Sikkimese Nightlife
Enjoy the Sikkimese Nightlife

It has a few nightclubs and pubs that keeps the night awake for Sikkim even after the usual hours of the night.

Places you cannot miss in Sikkim

Gurudongmar Lake

The Lake is a beautiful high altitude lake which is located at an altitude of 17100 feet. The Gurudongmar Lake is one of the top 15 highest lakes in the world and India’s second highest one. This lake is a prime tourist destination in Sikkim as well as India because of its wonderful ambiance and breathtaking beauty. The Lake is located at a distance of about 121 km away from Gangtok, near a small town named Lachen.

Tourist can spend the night in Lachen so that they can visit the lake early in the morning. It is then that the complete scene comes into life and bursts with colors of the rising sun. The lake is also of great religious significance to both Buddhists and Hindus.

  • Location : 121 km from Gangtok
  • Best Time to Visit : Summer and Autumn.

Nathula Pass

It is a wonderful Pass which is located at a height of 14140 feet and is also the Indo China Border. The whole place is covered in snow most times of the year and it is the best place to be for the trekking enthusiasts visiting Sikkim. The entry is restricted to Indians due to security reasons but the border trade market, Sherathang, is a popular place for tourists to buy different kinds of Tibetan souvenirs and clothes for a really cheap price. This is one of the most popular points among travelers.

  • Location : 52 km from Gangtok.
  • Best Time to visit : May to October. It’s open for public from Wednesday to Saturday.
  • Price for a permit : Rs. 200 per person.

Tsomgo Lake

The Lake is also popular as Changu Lake is a picturesque glacial lake. Located at the altitude of about 12310 feet, the Tsomgo Lake is one of Sikkim’s prime locations for sightseeing and tourist attractions. The lake is located 35 km from Gangtok and falls on the way to Nathula Pass. This is one of India’s highest altitude glacial lakes and is rich in beauty which is made more beautiful by the surroundings and its natural beauty. The sight of the surrounding hills when it reflects on the Tsomgo Lake is one sight which is really hard to forget or get out of your mind. The lake is about 1 km long and its shape is in the form of an egg.

  • Location : 35 km from Gangtok.
  • Best Time to Visit : Summer, Autumn, and Winter.


Located around 23 km from Gangtok, the religious point of Rumtek Monastery is the largest Monastery in Sikkim. It is also a well known Dharma Chakra Centre. The beauty of this monastery reflects from its beautiful design and architecture excellence. The Monastery is a reservoir of the cultural and religious traditions of Buddhism that has been in Sikkim for ages. The Rumtek Monastery has been a teaching point of Buddhist studies and is also known for spreading the teachings and words of Buddha. It’s the important shrine for the Tibetan Buddhist in Sikkim and has both religious and spiritually driven tourists visiting it from around the globe. However, you must visit this place for its great beauty and its historical value. This point of interest within Sikkim is famous among tourist from all around the world.

  • Opening time :
  • Summer 8 AM to 5 PM
  • Winter 10 AM to 5 PM


It is a unique high altitude village which is perched at an altitude of about 8600 ft. It is a beautiful village which some beautiful background that surrounds it. It takes about 6 hours to reach Gangtok but the risky road conditions may result in delay due to traffic. Though it is really hard for a tourist to reach Lachung, the journey and the destination is something you will cherish. Head off to meet the locals there who still follow the traditional practices for dispute solutions and also understand the age-old culture of the village. There is also a Monastery that you cannot afford to miss.

  • Location : 118 km from Gangtok.
  • Best Time to visit : April to May is the best time to visit.